Refund Policy
(Wow Cataclysm Gold Refund Policy)

This is the Purchase Agreement between you "The Customer" & Wow Cataclysm Gold "Wow Cataclysm Gold, its associates and representatives".
"You" or "The Customer" represents you or any customer further in this article that submits a payment through Paypal or through other payment methods for Wow Cataclysm Gold's services
"Wow Cataclysm Gold", "Us", "We" represents the Wow Cataclysm Gold website, its associates and representatives further in this article.


As indicated in our website's footer, and the individual product pages, you as a customer are automatically bound by this Purchase Agreement, Our Terms of Service and Our Refund Policy.
If you can not agree to our policies, do not use our services.
For every purchase, please either save or print this article. By submitting a payment, we consider that you have read the article in its entirety.

Our website is an online video game service provider. Our main services include: delivering of virtual game currency "game items", game accounts "playable characters", "Boost" & "boosting" - where we play instead of you with the goal of reaching your desired achievement in-game.

Wow Cataclysm Gold is not affiliated with any game server or project. Wow Cataclysm Gold is only a game service provider.

1.0 General Terms of Service & Refund Policy

Our General Refund Policy is:
Before making a payment, you "the customer" are informed that by making a payment you agree to our "Refund Policy". This statement is available in all confirmation e-mails and site-wide in the footer/bottom section of our website. We make no exceptions regarding this policy.
- We won't under any circumstance issue a refund on the basis of "changing your mind". This also applies to submitting a payment and then trying to reverse it for any reason(s), including no reason provided.

General cases where refunds can be issued:

- If you do not receive your purchased service within a maximum of 24 hours upon receiving a cleared payment, you are entitled to a full refund. This policy does not apply to "Pre-Order" type of services

2.0 Game Currency "game items" Terms of Service & Refund Policy

2.0.1 Terms of Service for Game Currency "game items" purchases
It is solely your "The Customer" responsibility to double check all the details before submitting a payment. Usually, these details are: Game, Game Server / Realm name, amount of game currency "game items", faction (where applicable) and the name of your in-game character which serves as "virtual game delivery address".
1) By submitting a payment, you understand that different game servers usually have different pricing of our services associated with each game server / realm.
2) By submitting a payment, you understand and accept the risk of not having the service correctly provided to you as a result of incorrect details provided by you when submitting the payment. While we will do our best to try to resolve the issue, not all issues are resolvable, especially if the service is already provided (game currency is delivered in-game using the details provided by you in the payment invoice) by our network partners and team members.
3) You agree that Wow Cataclysm Gold is not responsible for covering financial loss & costs caused by input of wrong details / credentials by you "the customer". Our system automatically arranges which team member or network partner will fullfil the order. To prevent abuse of our services, no refunds are to be issued for wrong details (including but not limited to Game server name, In-game faction, or in-game character name).
4) We are recording each game currency "game items" delivery process by utilizing applicable software and methods. We use these files as evidence for fraudulent non-delivery disputes and claims to prevent abuse of our services. You agree that you accept these kind of files as a service delivery proof. For preview, screenshots may be hosted/uploaded on our website (Wow Cataclysm Gold) or elsewhere, videos may be hosted/uploaded as unlisted videos on Youtube or our website (Wow Cataclysm Gold) or elsewhere.

2.1 Game Currency "game items" Delivery Process

The standard way of delivery is through the in-game mail system (primary) or the in-game trade system (secondary, if you are online), the in-game Auction House system. This is subject to change.

2.2 Game Currency "game items" Refund Policy

We only provide refunds if we are unable to deliver you the purchased amount within 24 hours. We do not accept refund requests nor provide refunds on the basis of changing your mind, or ordering for the wrong game server, faction or incorrectly inserting a character name ("your virtual game delivery address"). Please double check your information before making a payment. In case you have inserted incorrect credentials, please try to resolve the issue as soon as possible by contacting us on one of our e-mail addresses: orders@Wow Cataclysm We can not guarantee that we can resolve any issue due to wrongly inserted "virtual game delivery address" especially if the game currency "game items" is already delivered. We will not accept any game currency "game items" refund requests within 24 hours of purchase due to the way purchases are distributed and assigned throughout our gaming network. If you can not wait, make sure that we can deliver right away or faster by contacting us on our e-mail addresses or through the website chat.

2.2.2 Refund Policy For Pre-Ordered Game Currency/game items "Pre-Order".
- If we are unable to deliver you the pre-ordered game currency/game items within 5 days of purchase, you can ask for a full refund to be provided to you. Please understand that whenever you make a "Pre-Order" for a game currency/game items service, funds are distributed to the network partners & team members to perform the service to you. Cancellations and full refunds are not allowed nor issued for any reason.

3.0 Game Accounts ("Playable Characters") Terms of Service & Refund Policy

Our website sells Game Accounts ("playable game characters") for various games & game servers.

3.1 Game Accounts Delivery Process

When you make a purchase for a game account (playable character), you will receive the account's credentials on your Payment's method e-mail address in the following form:
- E-mail address (which acts as the username / login)
- The password for the E-mail address
- The Game Login password
- The Game Account secret question & its answer

3.2 Game Accounts Refund Policy

- If we are unable to deliver you the purchased account/game character within 24 hours of purchase, you can ask for a full refund to be provided to you. This does not apply to "Pre Orders" for game accounts.
- We do not accept returns of already delivered game accounts/characters.
- We do not accept returns or refunds for purchased game accounts/characters on the basis of changing your mind.
- We take absolutely no responsibility for supposed "account theft" or "account retrieval" claims, especially if these are coming weeks/months after the purchase and service completion. It is solely your responsibility to update all of the security parameters and credentials upon receiving them. While we will do our best to assist you to retrieve your game account back, we will only do so if you attempt to contact us for assistance through the assigned e-mail addresses on this page (or the invoice e-mail). No guarantees are made about this process. We won't respond positively to any attempted "chargebacks" through banks / financial istitutions or Paypal disputes/claims without prior contact to resolve the issue with us.

3.2.2 Refund Policy For Already Sold Accounts
- All of the listed game accounts are made to be sold. We can provide you with a replacement or a full refund option in-case the game account you purchased was already sold and our website did not reflect the change on the time of purchase as every update is done manually.

4.0 Debt Collection

By using our services, you "The Customer" allows Wow Cataclysm Gold "Wow Cataclysm Gold, its associates and representatives" the legal right to collect debt owed by you, resulting from fraudulent purchases made by you and/or purchases not abiding to this purchase agreement including but not limited to: Chargebacks, Disputes, Claims where a financial loss for Wow Cataclysm Gold has occured as a result from you "The Customer" not abiding to the rules and regulations of this agreement. You "The Customer" are solely responsible for any legal fees (including but not limited to: Debt Collection Agencies, Attorneys) resulting and/or associated with the breach of this agreement.

5.0 Custom Amendments For This Purchase Agreement

We can accept custom / additional amendments to this agreement, especially for tasks and services considered "monumental" (example: achieving PvP Rank 14 in-game). We can accept amendments previously agreed by both parties, you "the customer" and us "Wow Cataclysm Gold" through e-mail communication.